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Acupuncture Foot Massage Slippers

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This Acupuncture Massage Slippers Promotes blood circulation and relieves fatigue, Removes internal toxin conglomerate and maintain health, Recovers vestige organ and prevents illness, Invigorates cellular vitality and regeneration and prevent ageing.


This foot reflex slippers facilitate a deep overall relaxation of the body, utilizes traditional Chinese acupuncture treatment to improve your health. Slippers has 82 massaging tips to stimulate different acupuncture points when walking. Stimulates and revitalizes your body with just 15 minutes of daily use. Made from high-quality rubber and textured plastic to ensure durability and effectiveness.

. It improves blood circulation and prevents leg cramps
. Reduce stress and tension in neck and shoulders
. Get reflexology and acupuncture therapy effortlessly and inexpensively everyday.

5 reviews for Acupuncture Foot Massage Slippers

  1. Miss Goodness

    Wow. This slippers works like magic. Had an arthritis but got relief within three days.

  2. Moses Kayode

    This product is life changing, been sleeping well since I got it.

  3. T. Babykoko

    Wow 😮 i really felt good after use and I got my result instantly.

  4. Mary chukwu

    Wow this acupuncture slippers works like a miracle, i suffer from high blood pressure and for years I have been using drugs at a time I started having dry cough I went to hospital after several test the doctor confirmed is d drugs am using that cause d cough and change another one for me that one was causing me swallowing of foot, until one day I was in my office two girls came dey bring this slipper and bp monitor told me dia functions I have to buy d two products and every morning I have to use my slippers thank God the acupuncture is really helping me a lot, it normalize my bp. Thanks to acupuncture slippers

  5. Edet usang

    felt light after use

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