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Atomic Absorption Spectrometer

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Qualitest’s Spectrophotometer is an instrument that accurately measures the amount of light that passes through a material. By customizing the wavelength of the light emitted by the Spectrophotometer, operators in both industry and laboratory environments can use this instrument to determine the exact concentration of certain chemicals in material samples. This enables companies to ascertain the precise composition of materials used in their products.

With an auto-ignition feature and automatic spectral bandwidth selection, Qualitest’s Spectrophotometer is a sophisticated machine that is surprisingly easy to use. The Spectrophotometer’s light-controlled graphite furnace ensures fast heating, accurate and stable temperature control, and dependably reproducible results. Equipped with an auto-changeover function that optimizes the position of the furnace atomizer, effective pneumatic control, and a pressure lock that maintains constant internal pressure, Qualitest’s Spectrophotometer is the safest, most reliable solution on the market



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