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Baby Warmer

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A newborn baby experiences thermal instability after delivery. The temperature of mother’s womb is higher than the air temperature of the delivery room. It is vital to prevent the fall in infant’s temperature as it can even increase the mortality risk.

t is necessary to provide immediate infant warming right after delivery as a baby has four times bigger capacity to loss of heat than a grown-up. Its temperature can fall by 1-2°C over 30 minutes. If a newborn baby loses heat rapidly, it leads to a phenomenon called ‘cold stress’. Oxygen consumption and metabolism increase, and this can even lead to hypoxia. Powerful, safe, and controlled radiant warming reduces cold stress and prevents the baby from further negative effects.

In case the baby’s metabolic capacity is limited, the thermal stability is essential. For instance, if the infant is premature, ill, or has low birth weight, the warming is paramount to its normal development. However, it is vital to keep the infant’s temperature within the thermal neutral zone and not to lead to heat stress as well, because as a result, the infant uses most of its metabolic capacity for thermoregulation, and not much is left for growth and survival. When oxygen consumption and energy expenditure are stabilized in the Thermal Neutral Zone, later it is minimized promoting normal growth.


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