Description: Livingstone Extendable Crutches Aluminium, Medium, 114-134cm, Under Arm, Each Pair
General Description: Durable and strong, these crutches are constructed from high tensile extruded aluminium making them both lightweight & very strong. Fitted with high quality rubber tips for stability.

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Axillary crutches are an essential rehabilitation tool for many lower limb injuries that require periods of reduced weight bearing forces. These axillary crutches (underarm crutches) are frequently prescribed in physiotherapy practice and in hospitals and tend to be the traditional choice for patients (although forearm crutches are often easier to use). A useful resource to have at home particularly for families or individuals involved in sports or activities with high injury rates therefore allowing immediate appropriate treatment (R.I.C.E. Regime) for any potential future lower limb injuries.

Adjustable height aluminum construction supplied with latex free grey pads and hand grips.

Aluminium construction
Rubber tip/ferrule size: 22 mm
Maximum user weight capacity: 136 kg

Code Size Approx. user height
PCA-CD Child 4′ 0″ – 4′ 6″
PCA-YT Medium / Adult 4’6″ – 5′ 2″
PCA-AD Adult 5′ 2″ – 5′ 10″
PCE-TA Tall Adult 5′ 10″ – 6′ 6″

when should axillary crutches be used?

In general, the use of crutches is most likely to be indicated and useful if walking is painful and causing you to limp due to your injury. The suitability of crutches can be determined by a physiotherapist. Crutches are also typically indicated for conditions including:

Most moderate to severe sprains of the hip, knee or ankle
Moderate to severe muscle strains involving muscles of the lower limb
Most surgical procedures or fractures of the lower limb

All patients using axillary crutches should see their physiotherapist to ensure their crutches are fitted and used correctly and that it is appropriate to use them. Your physiotherapist can also begin appropriate treatment to hasten the recovery of your condition.

How do I set up my axillary crutches correctly?

Ensure you obtain axillary crutches that are the correct size for you. It is also important to ensure you have no upper limb injuries that may be aggravated through the use of crutches. Adjust the height of the crutches so your elbow is at a slight bend when holding the handle and your back is straight (figure 1). When using axillary crutches, there should be a space of approximately 2 inches (around the width of 3 fingers) between the top of the crutches (i.e. the underarm support) and your underarm. Note that when using Axillary crutches, no weight should be placed through the underarm support. You can also adjust the position of your wrist so there is only a slight backward bend (wrist extension) when holding the handles. You should check the setup of your axillary crutches with your treating physiotherapist prior to use to ensure you are using them correctly and you are not placing yourself at an increased risk of injury.


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